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Treatments & Prices  April 2022

Massage Treatments

Luxury Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes  £51.  A luxurious 90 minute treatment consisting of a Full  Body Massage, incorporating Indian Head Massage techniques and a delicious Foot Massage. A great present for a loved one, or to treat yourself.

Full Body Massage £40 for 60 mins or £46 for 75 mins.  A full body massage, including the feet, face and head if you choose the 75 minute option, or excluding the head and face for the 60 minute option. This treatment is an ideal way to prevent tension in the body and to promote a state of relaxation. This treatment can increase joint mobility and improve blood circulation.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage  £29 / £34. A remedial massage to the back, neck and shoulders lasting either 30 or 40 minutes, depending on your choice.

Deep Tissue Massage £35/£40.  Working on deep muscles within problem areas, blood and lymph flow is increased and the fascia of the muscles are stretched. Adhesions and scar tissue can be broken down with this slow, specific treatment, which can improve the range of movement. This treatment lasts for 30 or 40 minutes depending on price.

Seated Acupressure £35/£40 Carried out whilst you are fully clothed and seated on an ergonomically designed massage chair, deep pressure is applied and sustained on specific pressure points on the back, arms, hands, neck and head. This treatment can be carried out in the treatment room or within your workplace and can last for 30 or 40 minutes.

Indian Head Massage £35.  This ancient treatment consists of a seated massage to the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, head and face. It is used widely for many conditions, including stress, neck tension and headaches. This treatment can be carried out whilst sat in a chair, fully clothed or with a gown and lasts for 45 minutes.

Reflexology £40.  This treatment involves working on specific reflex points on the feet, which can prevent ill-health, aid stress relief, treat many conditions or give a great feeling of well-being. The benefits of reflexology can have a powerful healing effect, and assists in restoring the whole body's natural balance. This is a deeply relaxing 55 minute treatment.

Thai Foot Massage£37. This deeply relaxing and stimulating 55 minute treatment works on the feet and lower legs. It is carried out using the hands and a Thai Stick, by stretching and applying pressure to reflex points. The treatment can help improve circulation, reduce swelling and ease tired feet and legs. Apologies, but we are not currently taking on any new clients for this treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes   £58.  A luxurious 90 minute treatment consisting of an Aromatherapy Body Massage, incorporating Indian Head Massage techniques and a delicious Foot Massage. This is the ultimate treat and will leave you feeling rejuvenated. A great present for a loved one, or to treat yourself.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage £49/£44. Consisting of a full body massage, including the feet, face and head, using Essential oils. This deeply relaxing therapy works on all levels and lasts for 75 minutes, or a 60 minute treatment (excluding head and face) for just £44.

Aromatherapy Massage Back, Neck & Shoulder £35/£40. A 30 or 40 minute treatment using a blend of essential oils to meet your treatment objectives.

Tired Legs & Feet Treat £35/£40. A gorgeous 30 or 60 minute Massage to the legs (back or front) and a cooling foot massage, using refreshing peppermint oil (can be omitted if required) The perfect legs and feet "pick me up"

Targeted Massages

Fibromyalgia Massage £29/£40 There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted massage for assisting with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. This treatment concentrates on specific areas, using long strokes, stretching, squeezing and pressure, and is carried out in a calm and relaxing environment. Lasting for either 30 or 60 minutes.

Soothing Shoulders to Scalp Massage £29. A beautiful 30 minute massage, with you led face up and tucked in on our warm couch. This treatment consists of a massage to the upper shoulders, neck, face and scalp, with a beautiful geranium oil.

Computer Users Massage £29. Concentrating on the hands, forearms, shoulders and neck, this targeted massage is ideal for those who spend a great deal of their day sat at a desk typing their life away, or even for those who don’t! Working on areas of tension, whilst you are led face up on a heated, comfortable couch and surrounded by beautiful aromas and sounds, work will be far from your mind. This treatment lasts for 30 minutes.

Heat Treatments 

Hot Stone Massage £45/£35. This wonderful therapeutic treatment using warmed basalt stones, placed upon the body and also used within a massage. The ultimate relaxing therapy, provides a deep and powerful treatment, working into muscle tension. A 60 minute treatment includes a full body massage or you can choose a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage for just £35

Bamboo Massage £45/£35. This treatment consists of either a 60 minute full body massage for £45 or a 30 minute back massage for £35, using heated pieces of smooth bamboo, to knead and stretch tight muscles. It is thought that joint flexibility is increased and pain is decreased due to working on the muscle fascia (covering). As well as the physiological benefits, the treatment will provide you with a feeling of wellbeing.

Sticks and Stones Massage £45/£35. Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but when warmed and combined together in a massage, it feels divine!! A fabulous treatment, combining hot stones and bamboo massage. Either 60 minute or 30 minute treatment.

Eastern Fusion £37. A blended treatment to the legs and feet, combining Warm Bamboo, Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology using warm Jasmine Oil, which is known for its healing properties. This treatment contains plenty of stretching and lots of heat, which can help reduce swelling and improve circulation to the legs and feet. It is carried out on a couch for 55 minutes, whilst you lie back, relax and probably fall asleep! * not currently taking on new clients for this treatment.

Pregnancy/Maternity Treatments

Pregnancy/Maternity Massage £40. A relaxing and therapeutic 50 minute massage, concentrating on problem areas to suit your individual needs.

Pregnancy/Maternity Reflexology £40. Tailor made to suit your needs, this 55 minute treatment can assist in restoring the whole body's natural balance. This is a deeply relaxing treatment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note, in order for us to keep our prices low, it is necessary for us to receive at 24 hours notice of a cancellation, otherwise a 50% charge will be incurred. Thank you

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