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Eden Wellbeing

Offering a Range of Complementary Therapies

Specialising in Treating People with Disabilities, Dementia and Palliative Care

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Swindon 07592 578518

Covid-19 Policy

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention & Control Policy


Eden Wellbeing

We have all been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and we appreciate that it has been some time since we have seen you. It has felt like a storm has passed over us, but we need to remember it is not over yet. Our priority is to keep you all as safe as possible and to create an environment that is still pleasant but is also practical, unfortunately, our treatment room will look more clinical than it used to. During the time we have been closed, we have completed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control course which is accredited by the Guild of Holistic Therapists Ltd, the UK trade body for which we are regulated. We have since made a number of changes in the way that we operate that you may notice when you next visit.

Booking Appointments

For your safety and to maintain social distancing, we will carry out your consultation over the phone or by email at the time of booking to reduce the amount of face to face contact that you will have. On the day before your treatment, we will contact you to go through a Covid-19 screening assessment which we will ask you to sign when you come in (along with your consultation/treatment record card). Please pay for your treatment over the phone at the point of booking to limit the amount of time you are in the treatment room.

If any of our therapists feel ill or have symptoms of C0VlD-19, they will self-isolate immediately and not come into Eden Wellbeing. This may mean that we have to cancel your appointment at short notice if we are not able to cover it. We appreciate that this may be inconvenient, but it is done entirely for your own safety. If you, or anyone in your household feel ill or display any symptoms of C0VlD-19 – please advise us as soon as possible and DO NOT COME for your treatment. We have amended our booking terms and conditions and you will not be charged for any appointments which you miss due to illness. Any pre-paid appointments will be transferred to another date.


We ask that you attend your appointments alone and as close to the appointment time as possible. Please do not turn up early for appointments as this may mean that you come into contact with other clients who are leaving. Please wait outside, we will look out for you, or wait near the door for us. We will need to take your temperate upon arrival, which will be recorded. When entering the building, please sanitise your hands (in the lobby) or proceed to the bathroom to wash your hands and follow your therapist upstairs, and please try not to touch anything. If you need the lift for mobility issues, you will travel in it alone. It is a requirement of First City Nursing and Care that ALL visitors wear a face covering in the building. We would be very grateful if you could continue wearing your face covering during your treatment as we are not able to maintain social distancing throughout. Please bring limited items with you.

If you have travelled from abroad (even a country that is not on the quarantine list) I’m afraid we will need to delay your treatment for 10 days to safeguard our self and our vulnerable clients. If you have received the covid vaccination, please leave 48 hours before your treatment.

Your therapist will be wearing a type II disposable face mask, and has received both covid vaccinations and is PCR tested weekly and Lateral Flow tested twice a week.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning to common surfaces, handles, work surfaces etc. and all areas are wiped clean using disinfectant products between each client. All tools and equipment will be disinfected or sterilised as per usual in line with the specific manufacturers’ instructions for your safety.

As per our usual high standards, we can confirm that we continue to change our bed linens after each client and the laundering of our towels is at 60 degrees c. The room will be “fogged” with a chlorine solution in-between each client to reduce the risk of any transmission.

All disposable items are bagged and safely removed from the treatment area at the end of the day.

Our treatments

We have carried out a risk assessment and also following government guidance, we are keeping our treatments to a maximum of 60 minute sessions for the time being.

Please re-book any following appointments by phone/text, to avoid being in contact for too long. If you have any concerns about your treatments please let us know. All of these procedures have been implemented for your safety and that of our staff. We will continue to take advice from the Government and the NHS regarding safe practice and will amend them as necessary.

Thank you for your understanding.

Allie Maisey

(updated 16th May 2021)