Eden Wellbeing
Offering a Range of Complementary Therapies and Beauty Treatments
         Based in Old Town, Swindon, with a large free car park

Eden Wellbeing



                 Eden Wellbeing
Offering a Range of Complementary Therapies and Beauty Treatments

Welcome to Eden Wellbeing, set within Kingshill House, Kent Road, Old Town, Swindon, with a free car park on site for ease.  We offer a large range of Complementary Therapies and Beauty Treatments to all client groups but specialise in treating people with Disabilities, Dementia and for Palliative Care and have received formal training in this area. (Also see Eden [email protected])

Eden Wellbeing is owned and run by Allie Maisey, an experienced teacher and therapist of 18 years.  During that time, Allie has spent 13 years teaching Health & Social Care and Complementary Therapies, 10 years have been spent teaching Therapies as well as providing Therapies to patients at Ashgrove House, and Argyll House.  As well as having a great deal of practical experience, Allie has studied several Palliative Care and Cancer courses so therefore has an in-depth knowledge of the advantages that Complementary Therapies can have in our lives and the improvement they can give to our health and well-being.

Megan, Toya and Clare also bring a variety of treatment experience with them.  Taught by Allie within The Wiltshire School of Beauty & Holistic Therapy, they are available to book for a large range of treatments, and are qualified to treat people living with Cancer.  


Eden Wellbeing is very well equipped to treat people of all needs, and there are a variety of treatments to choose from but if you are Disabled, have Dementia or are using the therapies as Palliative Care, and you feel a standard treatment may not be appropriate for your needs,  then you can book a length of time to receive a blended treatment.  

Enhance your visit to Eden Wellbeing by relaxing in the coffee shop (available on select days). Groups and organisations are welcome to book multiple appointments and enjoy some quiet time in the large waiting area in between treatments .  Please contact Eden Wellbeing for information and rates for group bookings. 

So, whether you just have sore shoulders and are in need of a massage, or have more complex needs, please call us on 07592 578518, email [email protected] or find us on FACEBOOK to book an appointment.   


*Please note, some conditions may require a consent letter from your GP/Consultant before any Complementary Therapy commences. If you know you are unable to make your appointment, please give us enough notice to fill the space, or a 50% charge may be applied.